W’s for winners and Williams' gonna win! Win with love, win with pride, that's how it's always been!

What's in a name?

Williams House has had several names over the years: Standish House, Wilkie’s House, Waddie’s House, and Pop Page’s House. It was eventually determined that it would be known as Williams House—named in honour of BCS’ fifth Headmaster, Reverend James W. Williams. Williams served the BCS community as Headmaster from 1857 to 1963, when he was appointed the fourth Bishop of Quebec. Years later, his son, Lennox, would become the sixth Bishop of Quebec.

During his lifetime, Reverend, and then Bishop, Williams participated vigorously in the development of the Protestant public school system in Quebec and collaborated with Sir Alexander Galt in drawing up Section 93 of the British North American Act (Constitution Act, 1867), which conferred upon Parliament the responsibility of protecting the educational rights of minorities.

Show your support for Williams

Your gift to the House Sweet Home campaign for Williams House will help provide both essential and cozy updates to this building that has been a home to both girls and boys over the years. Work on these projects will begin this summer! 

List of 4 items.

  • Complete refresh of common room

  • New bedroom furniture

  • New kitchen appliances

  • Personalized outdoor space

Williams Houseparents through the years

J. G. Patriquin 1953-1955 • E. B. Pilgrim 1955-1960 • A. P. Campbell 1961-1982 •Charles & Patricia Peacock 1983-1992 • Jane Jelowicki 1992-2002 • Patricia Lisson 2002-2007 • Monica Schafer 2007-2014 • Denis Dandurand 2014-2017 • Randy Maxfield 2017-2018 • Megan Lindsey 2018-Present

From then...                                                   

...to now.

Bishop's College School is an independent English-language boarding and day school for grades 7 to 12 in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada.