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Arts Program

Two students painting a jar

The art programming at BCS instills a sense of confidence, creativity, and self-respect in our students.

Through the various programs offered at BCS, our students are able to discover new talents and develop an appreciation for different forms of art. From classes focusing on literature arts, to others exploring visual and performing arts, students are able to take part in several co-curriculars to explore their artistic curiosities.

BCS greatly impacted my life. It exposed me to a diverse group of people, all with their own special skills and talents, and showed me there are so many different routes you can take in life. That experience has been extremely helpful to me in my career, which sees such a diverse blend of people—both creative and technical—come together to work on projects.

Michel Murdock, BCS'81

Express Yourself

We encourage our students to channel their inner artists and get creative daily.

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Performance Centres & Spaces

BCS students have access to state-of-the-art performance centres and spaces.

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Recognizing Artistic Excellence

We are proud to recognize our students’ achievements in a variety of different ways.

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With three bands and a choir, music is an important part of life at BCS.

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Theatre Arts

Students that have a theatrical flair can join our BCS Players' Club.

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Visual Arts

Our Visual Arts program scaffolds beginners and allows advanced students to hone their skills.

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Students holding up art work they drew

Latest Arts News

Stoked for arts

This past Saturday our students partook in one of our most beloved traditions, the Stoker Arts Festival!

Students sit in semi circle in chairs around a presenter

This past weekend was the Stoker Arts Festival!

Student stands in front of her art hanging on a wall

Our Form VII IB Visual Arts students proudly displayed their work during the Final Art Exhibition today in Mitchell Family House.