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Visual Arts



Our Visual Arts program allows our students to be active and collaborative participants in a wide range of creative processes, touching on every medium available. 

The BCS Visual Arts program offers regular class projects, student centred learning, as well as art history with a focus on contemporary artists working right now, combined with outings to various galleries and museums.

Visual Arts is offered to Forms II, IV, V, VI, and VII with two groups in Form IV and three groups in Form VI. The focus in each grade is on technical ability and each class is very much a studio class. Projects are based on the work of mostly contemporary artists working in the world at the moment to draw attention to art being present now, and artists are working now, not just in the past. 

We use many classical methods to teach and learn how to draw, paint, sculpt etc, but we are also open to new methods and new media. As the students progress they are asked to look more in depth into works, analyze and research artists and cultural context.

Form VI and VII students are also required to curate and exhibit their work to the school in a formal setting as a real artist would.

Art has always been my favourite subject, of course, but the art courses at BCS were more than just that. Mr. Brandon is the one that fully convinced me and supported my decision to study art once I graduate. Without him, I probably would’ve hesitated way more. His advice in both class and Art Crease always helped me, and he truly made my five years at BCS what they were. I can’t thank him enough for supporting my love of art.

Justine Soucy, BCS'21


Students spray painting in art class
Students making fibre glass skateboards in the Quad
Form II students posing with their art projects
Students drawing life subjects in art class
Students posing with their spray painting projects
Students making fibre glass skateboards in the Quad
Students drawing life subjects in art class
Students drawing life subjects in art class

The Arts Consortium

The Arts Consortium is a relatively new offering at BCS that allows for a small group of students serious about making art to use crease time in the winter term to create and work in the art studio. These students are free to pursue any avenue of artistic expression they desire in their own way, on their own schedule, just as an actual practicing artist does.

Students holding up art work they drew
Students in a drumming circle

Stoker Arts Festival

The Stoker Arts Festival is an annual celebration of the arts held in April for the last 30 years. It’s current format is a morning of arts workshops led by local artists and an afternoon of outdoor music as local musicians play for the students in the quad. The festival is sponsored by the Stoker family, of Bram Stoker fame, in honour of Shirley H. Stoker, KHC'46.

Learn more about our Arts Program and how we encourage our students' creativity.

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