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Elite Hockey Program


BCS is proud of its long-standing hockey tradition allowing students to fulfill their passion for hockey while maximizing their academic potential.

Comprised of two age groups, 18U/Varsity and 16U/Prep, our Elite Hockey Program emphasizes the development of a well-rounded player through highly qualified and experienced coaching. These two teams are members of prestigious North American prep school hockey leagues.

Those student-athletes involved in the Elite Hockey Program are only required to play two creases at BCS, as elite hockey is a two-term sport that encompasses both fall and winter crease. Players participate in mandatory fitness testing three times a year (September, December, and April/May). The team practices on ice daily and players can also take full advantage of Memorial Arena in the morning for individual skill work or to work on certain aspects of their game. Off-ice, roster members participate in two supervised weight room sessions per week and are required to complete the third workout on their own. Examples of off-ice workouts include weight room; swimming and pool work; field work with sprints, foot speed drills, and conditioning; as well as playing other sports to complete the well-rounded athlete. Players are also expected to attend group video sessions and watch individual clips sent via email either while on the road or on campus. 

When travelling for games and tournaments, the team travels on a coach bus equipped with Wi-Fi in order for the players to complete daily homework assignments and study requirements. A tutor travels with the team on any overnight trips, and two to four mandatory study sessions are worked into every such trip.

In addition to three full-time hockey coaches, the program employs a goalie coach, a strength and conditioning coach, and a full-time physiotherapist who also travels with the team.

All members of the hockey program are expected to maintain satisfactory academic standing and act as ambassadors of the school. The coaching staff works closely with the Director of Student Life, Director of Academics, and all teachers to ensure the success of these student-athletes.


Interested in learning more about our Elite Hockey Program? 

Greg McConnell
Director of Admissions
819.566.0238 x296

Jay Kourkoulis
Admissions Officer

*Though applications are considered on a rolling basis, admissions decisions for BCS’ Elite Hockey Program may have varying timelines. Due to the competitive nature of the program, a large pool of talented students are vying for limited spots. Note that BCS is 'need-aware' when considering applications.

Living at school together, you become like a family. You go to classes together, you do your sports together, you hang out in the house. It's a cool experience that not a lot of people have the opportunity to take part in, and I'm very grateful for my time [at BCS].

Dawson Mercer, BCS'19
New Jersey Devils

Student-Athlete Playing Hockey


Member of the Midwest Prep Hockey League (MPHL), the New England Preparatory School Athletic Council (NEPSAC)  and Prep School Hockey Federation (PSHF), our Varsity Team travels across North America to compete at a top level.

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Student-Athlete Playing Hockey


Our 16U/Prep Team is part of the Prep School Hockey Federation (PSHF) and participates in showcases, tournaments, and exhibitions across North America.

Learn more about the 16U/Prep Team

Excited to learn more about our Elite Hockey Program?

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