For the first time this year, Ultimate Frisbee is is offered in the fall term as well as the spring. The main goal of the team sport is to pass the disk from one end of the field to the other team’s end zone. This sport requires cardiovascular endurance and intensity. Positional and strategic aspects are crucial to compete at a higher level.  

Sportsmanship is the main emphasis of this sport, and players are responsible for calling their own fouls and focusing on the “spirit of the game.” The popularity of Ultimate Frisbee at BCS has soared over the past few years and we now have two full teams competing in the Sport Scolaire league (RSEQ). Teams play 8-10 games per season, followed by playoffs and finals. It is a great sport option for players of all ages and levels.


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Ultimate Frisbee Coaching Staff

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  • Photo of Andrew St-Amant

    Mr. Andrew St-Amant 

    Social Science Teacher/Head of Fine Arts/Ed Tech Coordinator
  • Ms. Teresa Seminara 

    Social Science Teacher
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