Fitness is a non-competitive spring sport where students participate in various physical activities five times a week. Activities are largely chosen based on the students' interests, the most popular being yoga, walking, jogging, softball, badminton and weight training.

The main objectives are for students to have fun, enable them to participate in a variety of different sports and to actively promote sportsmanship in a non-competitive setting.


The Coaches' Award
The Spirit Award


List of 7 members.

  • Ms. Bianca Breton Piette 

    Student Life Assistant
  • Ms. Dimetra Hopkinson 

    Student Life Assistant
  • Mr. Lindsay Key 

    English Teacher
  • Photo of Régine Mesnil

    Mme RĂ©gine Mesnil 

    Head of French Department and Bilingual Option
    819-566-0238 x245
  • Photo of Dan Pfliger

    Mr. Dan Pfliger 

    Math Teacher
  • Photo of Tanna Sanchez McMillan

    Mrs. Tanna Sanchez McMillan 

    Math/Science Teacher
  • Photo of Andrew St-Amant

    Mr. Andrew St-Amant 

    Social Science Teacher/Head of Fine Arts/Ed Tech Coordinator

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