Winter Break

Travel day for international flights should be booked for December 20. Residences close at noon on December 20. 
Residences will be open at noon on January 6. Boarding students must arrive by 8:30 PM on January 6. Classes resume on Tuesday, January 7.


December 19, 2019
• Bus to Windsor Station then to Dorval Airport and Shopping Centre, departing BCS at 6:30 PM.

December 20, 2019
• Bus to Dorval Airport, departing BCS at 2:00 AM.
• Bus to Dorval Airport, departing BCS at 7:00 AM.
• Bus to Dorval Airport, departing BCS at noon.

January 6, 2020
• Bus from Windsor Station, departing from Windsor Station at 6:30 PM.
• Bus from Dorval Shopping Centre and Airport, departing from Shopping Centre at 6:30 PM and proceeding to the airport.
• Bus from Dorval Airport, departing at 11:00 PM. 

For more information or to sign up for transportation, please contact:

Mrs. Julie Lowry
Assistant Director of Student Life
819.566.0238 x210
[email protected]
Bishop's College School is an independent English-language boarding and day school for grades 7 to 12 in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada.