List of 5 frequently asked questions.

  • How do I get involved at BCS if I’m a parent or alumna/us living
    outside of the area?

    BCS welcomes parent and alumni participation at the school and abroad in various ways. Major school events, such as the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols, the Stoker Arts Festival, the Annual Review of the BCS Cadet Corps, as well as drama productions and concerts all provide opportunities to visit and participate directly in the school community. We also travel around the world each year, hosting Alumni & Friends Evenings and promoting the school at education fairs. Join us! We would love to connect with you. On an on-going basis, school news can be followed from a distance through our website and social media. Those that want to be more involved can volunteer as BCS Ambassadors or members of the parent or alumni associations.
  • Why does the school ask for contributions in addition to tuition?

    An independent school relies on investments from its community in the form of both tuition and donations. BCS strives to set tuition as low as possible to maintain the accessibility and competitiveness of the school. While tuition covers the majority of operating costs, many programs that students and families appreciate most require additional support through philanthropy. Maintaining the lowest possible tuition leads to diverse and strong enrolment at BCS, which strengthens our community and programs by attracting high-achieving students regardless of financial means. The most successful independent schools are in fact those with competitive tuition rates and outstanding community support. Furthermore, tax laws encourage donations to education, allowing supporters to deduct their gifts and achieve tax benefits.
  • What are the tax benefits of donating?

    Canadian and US donors receive an official receipt for income tax purposes, which can lead to significant reductions in income tax payable. While individual financial situations and tax jurisdictions impact the exact level of credit, the usual range is between 40% - 53% of the donation amount. Planned giving and donations of capital assets like securities can result in much higher tax benefits, so consulting a financial advisor is recommended.
  • May I direct my contribution to a specific area of the school?

    Yes. As part of the annual giving appeal, donors are given the option of directing their gift to particular areas, including financial assistance, endowment, academics, athletics, and more. Gifts to the Highest Priority Fund assist the administration by providing the flexibility necessary to fund important projects each year that do not fit in the usual categories. BCS strictly honours donor wishes and, where appropriate, reports back on the use of funds.
  • How can a small donation make a difference in such a large  

    Participation at any level sends a message of support to our community. A well-supported annual appeal is a sign of a healthy school community, providing evidence of engagement in and support for the school’s mission. Major donors are often influenced by the percentage of parents, alumni, and staff that donate, regardless of amount.
Bishop's College School is an independent English-language boarding and day school for grades 7 to 12 in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada.