A History of Philanthropy

BCS is a school that has quite literally been built by philanthropy. Our founder, Reverend Lucius Doolittle, relied on support from a handful of families to establish a small school for boys in 1836. By 1916-17, the school was a respected educational institution that was able to build the magnificent current-day School House, Chapel, and Ross Hall through the support of Commander J.K.L. Ross. This massive project, funded entirely through philanthropic support, was celebrated through an inauguration ceremony attended by British royalty. Thanks to continuing generosity over the following decades, our infrastructure has grown alongside an endowment that has established scholarships, financial assistance, and programs that offer exceptional opportunities to youth. Today, BCS prides itself on the largest per-student endowment in Canada and a beautiful 250-acre riverside campus, all made possible through the philanthropic support of parents, grandparents, alumni, and friends of the school.

Why Give?

BCS delivers an outstanding student experience due to generous financial support beyond tuition from parents, alumni, employees, and friends of the school. Donations from our community provide scholarships and financial assistance, cutting-edge equipment, outstanding facilities, and funding for leadership programs like adventure expeditions and international tours. We invite parents, alumni, employees, and friends to donate annually at the level they are able, and also contribute to special campaigns. All gifts will help students and the school community thrive.

BCS receives no annual grants from municipal, provincial, and federal governments.The school relies on charitable giving to fund projects beyond regular operating expenses covered by tuition. Revenue sources and their uses are indicated in the graphs. BCS is a registered charity with the ability to provide tax receipts for qualifying donations in Canada and the United States. The BCS Foundation, which oversees management of the school’s endowment, receives and processes donations and tax receipts.

Tax Benefits

Eligible donations to the Bishop’s College School Foundation and Friends of Bishop’s College School, Inc. will receive a tax-deductible receipt. How does that impact your tax bill?

The range of Federal and Provincial tax credits depends on your province, but ranges between:
  • 22-29% for the first $200 donated
  • 42-50% for any amounts over $200

Other important information that you should know about tax credits:
  • Donors of publicly traded securities pay no capital gains tax on the sale of securities, thereby creating opportunities for major increases in tax benefit;
  • Tax receipts may be carried forward for up to five years;
  • You can obtain tax credits for RRSP/RRIF/insurance plans that name BCS as a beneficiary;
  • Bequests are creditable on the final tax return up to 100% of income and may be carried back one year.

Gifts from US Residents

Tax deductible gifts may be made from the US by donating to Friends of Bishop’s College School Inc. (FOBCS), a registered 501C charity that provides tax receipts for U.S. residents. Gifts to FOBCS are transferred to the school.

– Greg Stevenson, BCS’87

“Giving to BCS supports the education and balanced development of the next generation. By providing outstanding youth with opportunities and an environment in which to build knowledge, ability, confidence, and understanding, we prepare them to have a positive influence in life as contributors and leaders. The investment of our community makes a major difference in this important process.”
Bishop's College School is an independent English-language boarding and day school for grades 7 to 12 in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada.