Carnival spirit

Jan. 20, 2017 | The 2017 Carnival Committee announced this year's title theme in a lively skit during morning assembly.
The "Throwback Carnival" was announced to tremendous applause first thing this morning. Always a highly anticipated event, the skit also announces each house's individual theme. In a rare twist, each house will be given two themes this year. The residence will be allowed to choose the theme of their choice and extra points will be given to those who choose both. One thing is for certain: this year's carnival is shaping up to be one of the most interesting yet!

Glass: "Sesame Street" and "Plants vs. Zombies"
Gillard: "Power Puff Girls" and "Angry Birds"
Grier North: "Farmville" and "Teletubbies"
Grier South: "Sponge Bob" and "Wii Sports"
McNaughton: "Transformers" and "My Little Pony"
Ross Boys 1: "Shrek" and "Hot Wheels"
Ross Boys 2: "Mario" and "Fairly Odd Parents"
Ross Girls: "Magic School Bus" and "Club Penguin"
Smith: "Legos" and "Adventure Time"
Williams: "Street Fighters" and "Tom & Jerry"


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