Creative process

May 12, 2017 | Well-known Canadian author Ted Staunton came in to speak with some of our students today.

Mr. Staunton, who is known for such young adult books as: Who I am, Jump Cut, and Puddleman, came to BCS as part of the TD Canadian Children’s Book Week Tour. Our students were given a description of his writing process, and were even asked to participate in coming up with their own ideas of how the stories could have been written. Mr. Staunton enlightened the students to the process of creating picture books and short stories, demonstrating how difficult it can be to write a story where character and plot development occur within a few sentences and then the conflict and resolution occur shortly thereafter. He also read some excerpts from his stories while the students watched and listened, enthralled for Mr. Staunton is as good a storyteller as he is a novelist.

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