Monday movie-making

Mar. 12, 2018 | Mr. Courchesne and Mr. White’s Form IV classes are creating cinematic vignettes about Canadian history.
If you walked by SH-205 and SH-208 during Period 2, you might have mistakenly thought that a drama class was taking place. But these are history students! The class is creating a short movie about Canadian history with our Drama teacher, Ms. McGie, helping out with the costumes. The project varies slightly from one class to the other, but they both have to describe the colony of the Province of Quebec by giving information and examples about the laws, society, politics, territory, and more in a video modeled after the classically Canadian "Heritage Minutes". Mr. Courchesne has led similar projects in the past and noted that having the students seek out information on their own made the course material much more memorable than if it was simply delivered in a standard class setting.

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