Practising the arts

May 4, 2018 | The Arts Consortium held an Art Exhibit yesterday evening in conjunction with Form VII.

The Arts Consortium – or ‘art as a crease,’ was a new option offered this year during the winter term by Visual Arts teacher Mr. Brandon. Twelve students from a variety of forms signed up, which made for a diverse group in terms of both skill and experience level—something Mr. Brandon said made the program that much more exceptional. Digital artist Justine of Form IV described the option as “a dream come true,” adding that it gave her much-needed time to work on her pieces. Angel in Form IV and Laura in Form II took the option to have more time to practise techniques but also as an opportunity to share methods and work collaboratively. Natalia in Form VI wishes the Arts Consortium was offered year-round as it gave her more time to practise her painting and watercolour skills. Anders in Form VII chose the option to build out his portfolio for art school applications. He will be attending Champlain College in Vermont next year where he hopes to study 3D modelling and animation.

While the students had a variety of reasons for which they decided to sign up, they all agreed that having the option gave them more time to develop their skills, perfect their craft, and, above all, create.

*Yes, that is grape juice that was served during the Vernissage.

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