Developing a global perspective

May 11, 2018 | Form VI Global Politics students shared their research today in BCS’ first annual Global Development Symposium.
Mr. McCormick’s students spent the past two weeks preparing for the symposium, collecting their research into digestible pieces to be displayed today in the Conference Room. The project began with the class establishing their own definition of development:
“Development is the progression of economic stability, environmental sustainability, political and social stability, and technological advancement. Development cannot be achieved without respect for human rights and the advancement of human well-being and equality. That said, the concept of development is also vague and subjective.”
– Mr. McCormick’s class
The group then split into teams to research a country of their choosing and examine the factors that affect the country's current state of development as well as possible issues that might arise in the future.
Congratulations to all the students on their excellent work and thank you to everyone who came down to support the event!

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