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Mi’kmaq traditions at BCS

September 18, 2018 | A pine log was being hollowed out on campus this morning in preparation for next Monday’s Mi’kmaq mini Pow Wow.
As we announced in a Photo of the Day in early August, BCS will be hosting a pre-conference cultural tour next week in advance of the 2018 Round Square International Conference. Next Monday evening, attendees will be invited to discover and take part in a mini Pow Wow on BCS campus! The evening will include a drum performance, dancing in full regalia, as well as some delicious salmon cooked in traditional Mi’kmaq fashion. BCS parent Quentin Condo worked through the morning to hollow out a felled pine tree to be used as a cooking vessel. Once fully hollowed, the tree will be filled with fire-heated rocks, cedar planks, salmon, and water, which will cook the fish in about ten minutes. Mr. Condo explained that the process was an old Mi’kmaq technique that dates back before European contact. Without pots and pans, the Indigenous people would slowly burn a cavity in the wood using hot coals, which they would cover with birch bark and animal hide to cook the meat. “There's nothing too difficult about the process," explained Mr. Condo, who has simplified the technique using 21st century power tools. “It just takes time and a good saw.”
We’re excited to see and taste the fruits of his efforts during the mini Pow Wow next week! 

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