Peak performance

October 12, 2018 | Our Adventure Training crease is hiking Mont Mégantic this weekend!
23 intrepid adventurers boarded a bus to the Mont-Mégantic National Park this morning to spend the weekend in the great outdoors. Accompanied by Mr. Brandon, Ms. Rowell, and Mrs. Vanier, this is the group’s first hike with fully loaded packs. Up until now, students have done shorter hikes while learning about fire building, wilderness cooking, knife safety, and other camping skills. This weekend, they’ll be putting their knowledge into practice as they jointly carry all their food and camping supplies on their backs on today's five kilometre hike, followed by a 13 kilometre hike on Saturday. While six of the students have participated in this crease before, the majority of students are backpacking beginners.
With threatening rain and temperatures expected to drop to 0°C we’ll be thinking of these spirited students and teachers over the weekend. From the comfort of our warm homes, of course!

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