The Game of Life

October 15, 2018 | Mr. White’s students are just playing games!
The Form VI Financial Literacy class has been putting course material into practice in the second round of “The Game of Life, BCS Edition”. Over the past few weeks, students have been making some serious life choices from career paths and education to mortgages and retirement plans. With each new decision, they are required to readjust their budgets and goals to accommodate unforeseen expenses or maximize their newfound wealth. In today’s class, they met their life partners who were either hard-working breadwinners or harder working stay-at-home parents. Some students appreciated adding the new income to their budgets while others, like Martin, sank deeper into debt. “Most students have never had to think about juggling finances before,” said Mr. White about this year’s game. “It’s a great learning opportunity to prepare them for the future.”
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