Thesis what it's all about

Nov. 8, 2018 | After a two-year research process, Ms. Rommens’ Form VII students presented their final research posters in the library today.
This intensive project is the first of its kind at BCS since the introduction of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. Students in the IB Social and Cultural Anthropology class began their research journey two years ago, developing their topic, research question, and methodology before delving into the primary research stage. Given the level of time and effort required for this project, it was important to Ms. Rommens that the students have a personal curiosity about the subject of their research. She noted, “The fact that they had complete freedom in choosing a research topic means that they were so much more engaged and motivated.” The students finalized their field reports this fall before synthesizing their findings into a research poster to share the result with the BCS community. Seeing the students’ final projects, Ms. Rommens remarked, “I’m always amazed by where these kinds of projects take them.
The posters are now on display in the School House lobby, so drop by to learn more about their projects!

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