Curious minds

Nov. 27, 2018 | IB Biology students were busy in the lab this morning indulging their own curiosity.

Ms. Laberee's Form VII students busied themselves in the lab and the classroom today, working toward their IB internal assessment requirements. This 10-hour individual investigation requires students to apply their understanding of course material and lab procedures to an area of study that interests them. Valeriia was comparing claimed and measured quantities of Vitamin C in commercial goods, Lauralie was testing the effectiveness of preservatives on grapes, Ondrej was determining the effect of glucose on flower photosynthesis, and Peter was measuring the effectiveness of lipase (a pancreatic enzyme) at digesting fats. Other students were either preparing for their experiments or completing their lab reports in Ms. Laberee's classroom.

We look forward to seeing where our students' curiosity takes them next!

Bishop's College School is an independent English-language boarding and day school for grades 7 to 12 in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada.