Taking a stand

Nov. 30, 2018 | New motorized standing desks in our Enrichment Centre are sure to boost productivity!

The R.D.W. Howson Enrichment Centre, often referred to as the EC, is a key part of the educational support offered to students here at BCS. Our Enrichment team is always looking for ways to improve students' learning environments and adapt our educational spaces for all types of learners. "We've always worked under the assumption that kids learn better when seated," noted Mr. Hunt, our Head of Enrichment. "But cognitive science is showing us that the opposite is true." Our Learning Specialist, Mme Esquivel, added that being able to change positions throughout the day is also particularly helpful for students with learning disorders such as ADHD. The EC has experimented with several alternative seating arrangements in the past including pillows on chairs and rocking stools. If students react positively to this trial, Mr. Hunt hopes they'll find their way into classrooms around campus. "Standing and moving lend themselves well to collaborative work, so having adjustable desks in the classroom could give teachers more freedom to move around the class to engage with students."
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