Hit the hills

Jan. 8, 2019 | This fresh snow has us all pining for the slopes!
It's been icy on Moulton Hill for the past few weeks, but last night's dump of fresh powder has our Alpine Skiing and Snowboarding crease out practicing their technique. Some students in the crease have been skiing and snowboarding for years, while others are experiencing winter for the first time. Mr. Nadeau and Ms. Lamb are excited about what the term has in store. "We have a great group this year," said Mr. Nadeau between shouts of his signature energetic encouragement. "We have some newcomers to the sport, but the more experienced kids are really stepping up to help get everyone on the same page." Today was the team's first practice in their equipment as they prepare for their first trip to Mount Orford on Wednesday.

We're keeping our fingers (and our ski poles) crossed that we'll have snow for the remainder of our winter crease!

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