Taken at faith value

Mar. 4, 2019 | Ms. Jones' students hosted a symposium on religion this morning in the conference room.
The Form V Ethics class learned about the world's religions this morning in the form of a small symposium. Students were encouraged to research their own religion or one with which they weren't familiar with the goal of presenting its unique attributes to the class. Each group was tasked with presenting their chosen religion's view about the purpose of humanity on earth, how it differentiates between right and wrong, the role of its god or supreme being, as well as a few other key traits. Students represented many of the world's major religions along with a few non-religious worldviews. Hale, who researched the Christian faith, found it interesting that despite having radically different ideas about death, both Buddhism and Christianity share the view that death is only physical, not spiritual. Antonia also remarked about some of the unifying traits in the world's religions in her presentation about Hinduism. "We should have more students involved in this," she noted. "it would be great to have even more perspectives!"

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