Mindful Fridays

Mar. 8, 2019 | Students finished off the week on a meditative note in Mr. Triol's English Language Arts class.
Every Friday, Mr. Triol plans a short mindfulness session to begin his classes. From guided meditations to creating artwork with inspiring quotes, he uses the time to encourage students to focus in on their mental health and step back from the stressors of academic work. Today, Form IV students ate dark chocolate to practice mindful eating. The class was guided through thinking about how the chocolate affected all of their senses as they observed, smelled, and slowly ate it. After the exercise, students were asked how the experience was different than how they would normally eat chocolate. Sixten commented, "when you spend more time thinking about what you're doing, you appreciate the moment more." Mr. Triol added that he doesn't recommend eating everything this way. "If you did, you would always be at the table." He did, however, recommend that students practise mindfulness as they go about their day. "Notice the small pleasant things in your life and be grateful for them!"

Our Communications Officer was indeed grateful for the piece of Lindt chocolate he was given shortly after this photo was taken.

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