Running amok in the ruck

Apr. 24, 2019 | It's a soggy day for a rugby practice, but that's not stopping them!

When we wished that our spring creases would soon be able to practise outside in yesterday's Photo of the Day, this isn't what we had in mind! As our Senior Girls Rugby team is off taking part in a CAIS Rugby tournament at Hillfield Strathallan College, our Junior Girls Rugby team is braving the rainy 6°C weather on Moulton Hill. "They're definitely enthusiastic!" commented their coach, Ms. Lamb, as the girls ran falling and tackling drills, laughing as they covered themselves in mud. Camila noted that the weather was perfect, "other than the rain." The team is looking forward to their first game of the season next Tuesday against Stanstead College.

Hopefully our field is less squishy for future practices!

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