Young activists

May 3, 2019 | Form V History and Citizenship Education students held a mock-protest yesterday afternoon to shine a light on Indigenous rights.

Mr. MacLachlan’s Form V students have been examining the rights and claims of Canadian and Quebecois aboriginal groups all week in the context of a continual search and negotiation for “Responsible Government”. Using Canadian Constitutional rights, Meech Lake, and the Charlottetown Accord as entries into Aboriginal rights, our students examined 12 different Aboriginal groups within Quebec. Based on their discoveries, students were tasked with creating protest posters to illustrate the struggles of the groups they had studied. The students found that the causes for concern and protest were as varied as the cultures and locations they came from. After posing for a few photos, Mr. MacLachlan made sure to drive home the message that while this assignment may just be one of many topics they cover this term, the issues their protest signs represent have had long-lasting impacts on thousands of lives across Canada.
Visit our Flickr page for more photos of our young activists! You'll find a link in the latest BCS Broadcast email sent to parents on Tuesday.

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