The BCS Truth and Reconciliation Association, Inc. | L’Association de la vérité et de la réconciliation BCS Inc.

Notice of dissolution

Dear Old Boys and Friends of BCS T&R:

In a letter to the BCS community dated April 2, 2008, Angus Curry and I announced to the BCS community the establishment of The BCS Truth and Reconciliation Association Inc. The letter went on to state the purpose of the Association as follows:
‘The above Association has been founded as the result of our knowledge that some Old Boys suffered and continue to suffer as the result of the presence of the Rev. Harold Forster as a master at the School in the 1950’s and 1960’s. The purpose of the Association is to reach out and help those students who were subjected to physical and/or sexual abuse while at BCS,to promote truth, reconciliation, and justice for them, and to foster help, reconciliation, truth, and justice for any victims of similar abuse in society at large.’
This letter will provide you with notice that, as in the opinion of the Directors, the initial humanitarian work of this Association has been completed, The BCS Truth and Reconciliation Association Inc. has been dissolved as of October 4, 2018. 

Since the Association’s founding , we have received approximately $40,000 in donations; to date we have annually assisted individuals requesting our help who suffered abuse at the School and we have also been able annually to support programs at the School that guard against mental, physical and cyber bullying which is unfortunately a common scourge in our society today. In addition, we have established a number of memorials at the School which honour those who have inspired our Association. We have supported Giles Walker’s publication, Wake Me in the Morning, a history of this unfortunate time. It should be noted that copies of this story are available from Peter Denison whose email address is listed below. We hope in the near future to place in the School a small memorial plaque inscribed with Archbishop Tutu’s wise reminder, “True forgiveness deals with the past ….. to make the future possible.”

Finally, we have ensured that the good work of our Association will continue through the establishment of a BCS Truth and Reconciliation Memorial Fund as part of the BCS Foundation. We hope that those who wish to remember fellow students or encourage the work of the Association will contribute to this fund.

I would like to remember at this time Angus Curry, John Pratt, and Patrick Doheny for their resolute devotion to our cause, and also thank Carleton Monk for his long service, Lewis Evans, for his wise counsel, as well as François de Sainte Marie, our Secretary Treasurer, for his unwavering care and keeping over many years. Thanks also to all the Directors of this Association for their constant support and dedication to the basic tenets of truth and justice that this Association and our School represents.
Yours truly,

John D. Cowans, BCS'54
[email protected]

François de Sainte Marie, BCS'65
[email protected]

Peter Denison, BCS'65
[email protected]

R. Stephen Fox, BCS'66
[email protected]


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