Battle of the bots

Jun. 6, 2019 | Students got pushy in the robotics room this morning!

Back in September, we featured the Form IV Robotics class' first creation: a doodling device incorporating a single motor and a few markers. While their creations still haven't achieved sentience, they've come significantly closer as students pitted fully automated sumo wrestling robots against each other this morning. Incorporating various Lego Mindstorms components including colour sensors, proximity detectors, and other mechanical parts, their latest robots used everything they've learned this year to become the king of the ring. Some students experimented with different gear ratios maximizing torque to push their opponents off, while others added additional sensors to make their robots smarter. The winning design incorporated a simple platform that would wedge itself underneath its opponents to lift them off the playing area. While previous projects conducted throughout the year have focussed on many individual skills involved in building and programming robots, this culminating project required students to apply all they have learned into a single robot design.

Congrats to all our young innovators!

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