Winning by a long shot

Jun. 7, 2019 | There was a siege underway in front of School House yesterday afternoon!

Last period on Thursday, Ms. Rowell's Form VII Physics students and Ms. Lamb's Form II Science and Technology students teamed up outside School House to determine whether catapults or trebuchets were the superior siege weapon. Both classes collaborated on the project, allowing our younger students to get hands-on experience with more complex physics concepts and giving our older students the opportunity to practise teaching what they've learned in class. After one short week of planning and construction, a wide variety of trebuchet and catapult designs were put to the test launching eggs. Though time, material, and size constraints limited the scale of their launches, many of the students were able to successfully throw their egg several metres into the field. Some even experimented with combining tension-based and counterweight-based designs for added force.

Unfortunately for those anticipating dramatic egg-splosions, Ms. Lamb had the forethought to boil the eggs before the event. Fortunately, this made cleanup—and a later soccer game on the same field—significantly less messy! Want more trebuchet action in your life? Take a look at our Instagram story today!

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