Doodle bot

Sep. 17, 2019 | Our robotics class got artsy with their first project of the year.

We love seeing students progress through Ms. Rowell's robotics class from their first foray into the world of motors and wires to their end-of-semester robots capable of combat. In today's class, students finished up their first doodling robots, which consisted of recycled containers, pens, and an asymmetrically counterweighted motor to vibrate the whole contraption. Students got creative not only with their designs (some robots were accessorized with Lego characters and googly eyes) but with their creation's names, which included Scribble Samurai, Random Bob, Infinite Stratos, and Tape Bug among many others. After creating two pieces of artwork with their robots, students got competitive as they attempted to knock each other's robots over with their spinning counterweight.

There's no word yet on when we will be hosting a vernissage for the artwork created in class, but we can expect many more creations from the robotics class as they continue to develop their engineering, design, and programming skills.

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