Sage advice

Sep. 24, 2019 | Advisor meetings are back in session!
Students from all Forms met in smalls groups this morning for their first meetings with their Advisors. These faculty and staff are a key part of the academic and personal support structure at BCS, allowing students to share their questions and concerns outside the classroom. Beyond getting to know their groups, today's focus was on introducing new students to the Effort Rating system at BCS. Mrs. Carey encouraged students to apply themselves to achieve an 'A' effort rating, while Mr. Kelso led his group in a conversation about their plans for university. Dr. Esquivel, Mr. Hunt, and Mrs. Bray's group met together in the Enrichment Centre and took the opportunity to lay out expectations for the year and discuss common academic struggles that students might face as the pace of students academic schedules picks up over the coming weeks.

Our Advisor program is just one part of our academic approach. Click here to learn more.

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