Living history

Oct. 2, 2019 | Hot on the heels of Orange Shirt Day, Mr. White is bringing the conversation into the classroom with a presentation about pre-contact Mi'kmaq peoples.

Mr. White is always looking to bring his History and Citizenship courses to life and yesterday's class was no different. Joining other Form IV classes in the library, students had the opportunity to engage with BCS community member Quentin Condo, who has been featured a few times on our Photos of the Day. The presentation spanned history, delving into the relationship between Mi'kmaq and other First Nations peoples and early European colonists while touching on residential schools in Canada. "Growing up, my school refused to teach the truth about the history of the First Nations people," noted Quentin in his conversation with the students. "You're lucky to be in a school that allows this kind of dialogue." He also had a table full of tools, artifacts, and props, allowing students to explore and engage with the culture first-hand in the question period after the presentation.
This isn't the only class to incorporate indigenous studies into the curriculum. Mrs. Carey has often studied First Nations culture and literature in her classroom. Leading up to Orange Shirt Day, she had her Form II English Language Arts class write poetry on the subject and had the group illustrate a t-shirt using what they had learned, pictured here on Monday.

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