Cover to cover

Oct. 9, 2019 | It's the start of a new chapter for BCS' readers who roam.
As a traveller and photographer, Mackay Smith, BCS'52, is passionate about sharing the wonders of the world with today's young people. In a visit to the Peter G. Holt Memorial Library yesterday, he generously donated a collection of travel books to the school, some of which he wrote and illustrated himself. Mackay expressed that he felt at ease donating the books after seeing the appreciation from our library staff, since "each book was a friend of mine!" The donation will allow the library to create a new section dedicated to travel books as they continue their mission to expose students to a variety of literature from around the world.

Mackay hopes to continue his partnership with the school and speak to students about his photography and experiences travelling the world. We love it when our community gets involved with the school in areas they're passionate about! Find out how you can get involved by reaching out to our Alumni Department.

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