Soaking up the views

Oct. 21, 2019 | Our Adventure Training crease has returned from an exceedingly adventurous weekend!
As fall crease wraps up this week, our Adventure Training group took their final trek of the season this weekend at Mont-Mégantic. These 18 explorers set off on Thursday with their three coaches for a two-night journey through the national park. Despite sunny skies on their departure and their return, the hikers encountered near-constant rain along with several inches of snow at the peak of the mountain. "This year's hike was by far the rainiest in recent memory," noted Mrs. Vanier. Recent windy weather had also caused so many trees to fall onto the path over the previous few days that certain trails were closed, requiring the group to reevaluate their travel plans while clambering over trees in their path. Despite it all, morale was high as the group overcame the challenging conditions. The adventurers eventually found refuge in a heated cabin during the afternoon of their second day on the mountain and enjoyed copious quantities of hot chocolate. They even managed to successfully start fires at their campsite despite working with waterlogged firewood.

The team's final assignment this week will be 'extreme fire-building' using only flint and tinder. After this weekend's experience, we're confident they're up to the task!

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