Welcome to the 2019-20 School Year

Dear Parents,
First, I want to welcome you and your child—new and returning—from wherever you hail, to a beautiful part of Canada, to our lovely campus, and to our community.
If you’ve had the chance to visit Moulton Hill recently, you will have seen our new residence, new tennis courts, and lots of regular maintenance that was undertaken over the summer break. Every year, we are proud to welcome students from many different countries which are represented by the national flags we hang in our chapel. Should your child not find their home country’s flag, do not worry—it has been ordered and will be hung up soon!
We begin the year with strengths across the board: in a comprehensive and accredited academic program, and an encouraging university placement record; also in enrolment and financial stability, backed up by a healthy endowment; and we are implementing aspirational strategic and campus master plans.
At BCS, we want our students’ experience to be rich, varied, and rigorous. Our programs are designed to interest, engage, and challenge. The students’ job is to take advantage of the opportunities, whether academic, extra-curricular, athletic, or social. Certainly, we do not apologize for having them work hard. That is where much of the satisfaction comes from.
What do we evaluate our students on? Their positive engagement, their conduct, their progress, and their attainment.
What should students, parents, and all constituents expect of the school? Caring, fairness, and integrity. This is the same as in a family, and that is how we view our community.
We succeed as a school when we work in partnership with parents. Our way to make that work is to ensure that we communicate effectively. We know that good communication with parents in a boarding school setting is very important. There is an emotional element to matters when we are dealing with children and their parents.
We believe in what we call a triangle of commitment. That triangle is made up of the parent, the student, and the school. That triangle is tight; there are no gaps. Responses will be timely, and you should expect quick acknowledgement and assurance that the matter will be looked into, as well as an indication of when follow-up will take place.
We are a relatively small community. What I want to be responsible for is to have helped create a civil community. What does that mean? In its simplest terms, it might mean looking each other in the eye and saying good morning, or holding a door, or helping someone with a heavy package. But, it goes further than that; it’s not taking advantage of someone else, not cheating on a test, not cutting an ethical corner.
If you are a member of a civil community, you are expected to know how to recognize one, how to contribute to one, both here and now, and when you leave the school. Enrich the community you live in by providing leadership for a civil community. I believe that such a community gives all members a stronger sense of belonging.
I want you to know that you are leaving your child in the hands of excellent and experienced teachers, coaches, advisors, houseparents, supervisors, and staff who will lead, encourage, mentor, and inspire your child to engage fully and positively in the enterprise of the school. We are here to support and encourage your child, and we will keep them safe.
We look forward to working together with you during this year in our effort to contribute to the success of your child.

From Moulton Hill,

William Mitchell, BCS'63
Head of School

Bishop's College School is an independent English-language boarding and day school for grades 7 to 12 in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada.