Aorta get a good mark

Nov. 26, 2019 | The scene in the biology lab today wasn't for the faint of heart!

Our Science and Technology students have been studying the human body for the past few weeks and today's dissection lab brought the educational experience to life. Mr. Madsen and Ms. Lamb dissected sheep hearts last week and Ms. Laberee's Form IV completed the lab today. Armed with dissection scissors and a glass stirring rod to manipulate the specimen, the students observed the organ and cut into it to identify its parts. Upon slicing into the right ventricle, Sayuri was surprised to note the asymmetry of the heart's structure. Many students were also surprised by the amount of fat above the organ and were curious about how the sample's anatomy compared to their own hearts. "It was an opportunity for students to take the knowledge they've gained in class and allow them to visualize it," commented Ms. Laberee after the lab. "It helps them understand the concepts on a tangible level."
The upcoming classes will see them moving their focus up to the eyes and ears while studying the body's senses.

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