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In the ethic of things

Dec. 13, 2019 | Students were talking ethics in the podcast studio today.

Mr. Turcotte and Mr. Courchesne's Form V Ethics classes have been talking it up in our new recording space this week. As part of their unit on human ambivalence, students were required to discuss the processes by which they would solve ethical dilemmas they might encounter at BCS. "Ethical debates in academic settings are often abstract," expressed Mr. Turcotte after today's session in the studio. "We wanted to give students the tools to apply ethical decision-making in more tangible situations." This afternoon's discussion revolved around plagiarism in the classroom and alcohol on campus. "Recording the discussions in a podcast format is less structured, but it also leads to a more interesting experience for us and the students," noted Mr. Courchesne. Peter, Justin, Zac, and Jessica agreed, expressing that while the experience of hearing their voices through the headphones was disconcerting at first, they quickly acclimatized and got into an engaging ethical conversation. "It's much less stressful than an oral presentation," another student noted. Mr. Turcotte and Mr. Courchesne expect that the recordings will make correcting easier and will also allow students to complete self-evaluations with more clarity. With this project under their belt, the class will move on to their next assignment of writing letters to their future selves.


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