Boarding is better

Jan 10, 2020 | Celebrating their return to a snow-filled campus, our Alpine Skiing and Snowboarding crease enjoyed their first trip to the slopes this week.

Our skiers and snowboarders eagerly boarded the bus after an early lunch on Wednesday to make the most of our recent snowfall before this weekend's rain. Some of our students from warmer climates were excited to get their first experience on the slopes this season. Near the summit of Mount Orford, Alexa struck a pose with Alejandro, Lucas, Majo, and Moises before heading down the mountain. The group spent most of their time near the top of the mountain where the low-lying clouds had made for favourable powder-filled conditions. Asked whether they were tired from their first day of skiing, Alexa shared that if they felt anything from the trip, it was excitement for the many snowy excursions to come this year!

Today the group is spending some time in the cardio and weight room as they strengthen their core and build up endurance for their next trip to the hills. Our Winter Adventure Training crease also clipped into skis this week, practising their cross-country skills in the Gillard field yesterday afternoon.

Find more photos of both groups of skiers on our Instagram!

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