Spaced out

Jan 13, 2020 | Our Form III students indulged their celestial curiosities today as they learned about the cosmos.
Ms. Lamb's Science and Technology class paid rapt attention during this morning's class as Mr. Szathmary answered all their questions about the universe. The students have just begun a project that will see them write and illustrate a children's book based around the astronomical topics they're currently studying in class. While he teaches mathematics at BCS, Mr. Szathmary holds a Master of Science in Physics from Leipzig and a Master of Science in astronomy and astrophysics from Western in addition to his Master of Arts in mathematics from McGill. After a presentation introducing the types of celestial bodies and the physics that keep them in motion, students drew on his expertise to inquire about the economics of spacesuit development, the effect of relativity during space travel, the feasibility of a floating city on Venus, and the technologies required for cryogenics. While some of the questions ventured into the realm of science fiction, it was clear that this was a topic that appealed to students' curiosity. "My goal was to help students gain an appreciation for the vastness of the universe," noted Ms. Lamb, "and I think we've definitely done that."

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