Talking scents

Jan 15, 2020 | Three of our Science and Technology classes studied the science of smell this afternoon.

Mysteriously numbered vials were set up in the chemistry lab today as our Form IV students tested their olfactory acuity in the name of science. Ms. Laberee's class is currently studying the senses and took the opportunity to explore how our brain is able to perceive smells. Mr. Madsen and Ms. Lamb's students are studying digestion and instead used the lab to demonstrate how our sense of smell impacts the digestive system. It quickly became clear that the context of smells has an important impact on our appreciation for them, with some students reacting positively toward cleaning products while being disgusted by the smell of mint. The vial containing vinegar made for some particularly strong reactions as students quickly learned proper wafting techniques.

The plethora of enticing aromas emanating from our dining hall are sure to give students plenty more opportunities to practice their olfactory expertise!

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