Taking action on mental health

Jan. 29, 2020 | Our students are joining a national conversation about mental health today!
One year ago, our athletic community came together to show our passionate pursuit of a world without mental health stigma. Building on such an important conversation, our community has been hard at work over the past year engaging in challenging dialogue about the practical ways we can improve our physical and mental health on campus. Whether we're supporting each other on the field or in our day-to-day, whether we're taking action by spending time in nature or supporting each other through our academic efforts, the BCS community is built on kindness and support. The past year has seen us invite challenging speakers to campus to give students the tools to build their self-worth, to develop healthy eating habits, and to take practical steps against bullying.

But our work to improve mental health on Moulton Hill and beyond is only just beginning! In several recent chapel addresses, our staff and student leaders have been sharing about the resources available to every member of our community. Throughout the day today, students have been writing messages that inspire action against mental illness and break down the stigma that allows it to perpetuate. Our entire student body was also involved in the production of the video below to share our message of support. We can all take action and help fight the stigma, so help us share the message on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram!


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