Speak up

Feb. 19, 2020 | Speaking on the topic of human connection, our six orators inspired the audience with their eloquence.

Our annual Rotary Club Speaking Competition took place at Bishop's University yesterday after crease and our speechmakers continued to impress. Each of the six students took turns speaking for five minutes to answer the question "How does Rotary International connect to my world?" Juliana started off the evening, speaking to the importance of multicultural bonds and concluding with a story about how small actions can lead to positive change. Anouk spoke second, sharing about how connections built through teamwork help all of us reach for our ambitions and achieve our goals. Diana shared her personal experience dealing with doubt and fear in her journey to learn English, followed by Mary, who challenged the audience's definitions of personal success. Vivienne tackled the topic of growing loneliness around the world and stressed the importance of kindness in connecting with each other to solve the world's problems. The last speaker of the evening was Evan, who connected the world of sports and music to drive home a message that it's only through collaboration that we can bring about meaningful change.
After a long and difficult discussion amongst the judges, Vivienne, Evan, and Anouk were named the winners of the event. Be sure to visit our Instagram to see more photos of each of our speakers in action.

We look forward to sharing the winners' speeches with the whole BCS community on March 2 when they compete in the second round of the competition!

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