Djembe jams

Feb. 24, 2020 | In chapel and around campus, we're celebrating Black History Month!
Throughout the month of February, Mme Simard has been treating us to a musical journey around the world and through history as we celebrate the ways in which the African diaspora has impacted our world. In an email to the community at the beginning of the month, she invited students to request songs from black artists and has been playing them on the piano and the organ during our tri-weekly chapel assemblies. Mrs. Carey introduced the observance with a presentation about key figures in the Civil Rights Movement followed by a poetry reading by Form VI student Anouk. Last week, Mr. Obermeir shared about the origins of ragtime from its humble beginnings in African-American communities to its far-reaching impacts on jazz and even pop music of today. Joined by Form IV student Mulan, they performed two songs from the famed African-American composer and pianist Scott Joplin.

This morning's chapel was punctuated by djembe rhythms and engaging vocals from longtime friends of the school Matthew, Christine, and their eight-year-old percussionists Nathanael and Esdras. Hailing from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Cameroon, and Togo, they performed Brûle MoiRecevez, and Akpe.

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