Bears in the lab

Feb. 25, 2020 | Gummy bears are growing in our chemistry lab and so is our students' understanding of osmosis!
Form III Science and Technology students were in the lab growing gummies yesterday. Working in groups, they added their gummy candies to two beakers—one containing distilled water, the other filled with regular tap water. The experiment sought to demonstrate the movement of water molecules from areas of high concentration to lower concentration through the gummies' cell membranes. Today, the group reversed the process by putting the same gummies in a 'hypertonic' saltwater solution. In addition to noticing the flow of water molecules into and out of the gummy bears, some students observed that the candies seemed to break down more readily in tap water, a behaviour which they attributed to the presence of minerals and chemicals from treatment facilities.

As they wrap up their cellular studies, the class will be transitioning toward material science as they build (and break) Popsicle stick bridges. We're sure you'll be seeing them right here on Photo of the Day again soon!

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