Draw the line

Mar. 5, 2020 | A staple of our robotics curriculum, the doodling robots were out in force over lunch today.
Tech Week continued today with an introductory robotics lab in the library. Resident roboticist Ms. Rowell brought out boxes of wires, motors, batteries, switches, and markers to help students build their own bots. Using an asymmetrically mounted weight on a motor, the structures would vibrate, moving themselves and their markers across a sheet of paper. Shanti, a newcomer to the world of robotics, was the first to complete her four-legged contraption, helped by Yasmin who had taken our Robotics class before. William was also a first-time robot-builder, designing his specifically to create elegant circles on the page, noting playfully, "she's a beauty!" Though the students considered submitting their artwork to our art teacher Mr. Brandon for grading, they hope the next session will involve the creation of an essay-writing robot. We love showcasing the efforts of our Robotics team here on Photo of the Day, from their very first experiments with motors to their racing robots to their culminating assignment of creating a sumo wrestling bot.

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