Vexillological adornment

Mar. 10, 2020 | Our international student body is always growing, which means we have new flags to install in St. Martin's Chapel!
Attendants of our morning assembly might have noticed some new flags adorning the walls in chapel this morning. As our boarding community grows to be even more diverse, our Buildings and Grounds crew has had to install new flagpole brackets at the rear of the chapel to accommodate the increasing number of flags. With that complete, the room was ready to receive the flags of Austria, Bermuda, and the Russian Federation last week. During the installation, Corey also took the opportunity to reorder the flags alphabetically.

We currently have students from 42 countries attending the school and are proud to display this visible reminder of our diverse representation. We look forward to welcoming students from even more countries in the years to come!

Bishop's College School is an independent English-language boarding and day school for grades 7 to 12 in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada.