Form V deformations

May 1, 2020 | Our Form V Science and Technology students learned about material properties while indulging their destructive tendencies in the name of science.
Ms. Lamb's students have been busy over the past several weeks learning their course material through several engaging projects. During their second week of online course work, the class was assigned the task of creating a video or presentation about material deformation and constraints using household objects. After selecting an object they had at their disposal, each student exerted compression, tension, torsion, deflection, and shearing and documented whether the resulting deformation was elastic, plastic, or resulted in a fracture. The students applied themselves to the project, documenting their destruction in entertaining ways. In this photo, Joel can be seen applying tension to an eraser, Sofia is applying deflection to a spatula, Sacha attempted to compress a pencil, and Gavin applied torsion to a sheet of aluminum foil. Many other students also got creative both with their choice of objects and their methods of applying forces to the object. One student even had her brother run over a water bottle with a car!

Since completing this project, the group has also designed posters about various types of materials and created a series of photographs identifying examples of links found around their home. For their next project, students will create videos of themselves explaining gear ratios using their own bikes. We're excited to see the class' next project as Ms. Lamb continues to encourage an interactive approach to science education.

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