You rock

September 15, 2020 | Our head nurse, Mme Andrée Brodeur, has been placing painted stones around campus for our community to enjoy.

Mme Brodeur was recently introduced to 'arochemoiunsourire' by a friend. The movement, created by Sophie Côté out of Granby, Quebec, encourages members to create, hide, and share decorated rocks they've found with the goal to generate joy.
Sophie was inspired to create the movement after she discovered a hand-painted rock while on a road trip through the United States. She loved the idea so much that she and her daughter created their own painted rocks and hid them along their way throughout Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia. They created the Facebook group 'arochemoiunsourire' to share their creations (and their discoveries) and the movement took off.
Ready to make your own rocks? Follow Mme Brodeur's helpful instructions:
    1. Find your rocks. They don't have to have a perfect shape, but ideally, most of the surface should be fairly level. Make sure to wash them well so that your paint adheres.
    2. Decorate your rocks using acrylic paint and permanent markers. Not sure what to draw? Pinterest is a great source of inspiration!
    3. Write 'arochemoiunsourire' on the back and sign your name.
    4. Once they are dry, protect your rocks from the elements by covering them in a layer of ModPodge or spray sealant.
    5. Hide your rocks on campus and watch them bring a smile to unsuspecting faces.
Found a painted rock? Keep it or place it somewhere else on campus to brighten someone's day and don't forget to take a photo and send it to the BCS Instagram or Facebook account.
We can't wait to see your works of rock art!

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