Origin story

September 24, 2020 | Our Form II students have been learning about the emergence of civilization this week.

As part of Mr. White's History and Citizenship Education course, our Form II students are learning all about the cradle of civilization and prehistoric peoples. Today's lesson focussed on Neanderthals and their methods of survival. "The goal was to have the students draw links between what these ancient peoples did for survival and identify if any of those skills are currently being used today," Mr. White shared. "Hunting and fishing are some excellent examples."

Thanks to a generous donation from our spring appeal that allowed us to invest in technology to equip each of our classrooms with a standing desk, webcam, and monitor, our teachers are able to livestream our lessons and record our classes. Sophie was able to join in Mr. White's lesson virtually from New Jersey this afternoon and classes are uploaded to the BCS Portal every day so our students who aren't yet able to join us on campus are able to follow along from home. We're so thankful to our community for continuing to support BCS so that students like Sophie are able to take full advantage of the BCS experience—even from afar.

Mr. White has an affinity for jokes so we'll leave you with this one:
Q: What's the worst thing about ancient history class?
A: The teachers tend to Babylon.

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