Heads up!

BCS News
A new projector and motorized screen were installed in our chapel earlier this month.

The new 15-foot screen and projector will hang permanently and discretely above the stage in St. Martin’s Chapel, perfect for presentations during our triweekly assemblies. Anyone who has presented or watched a presentation during chapel can attest to the poor state of our previous apparatus. The old screen was mounted on a stand that had to be moved back and forth when a presentation was occurring. The WiFi and internet cables couldn’t be relied on to work every time, and the screen itself had poor image quality was too small.
Mr. Tessier was quick to bring the need for a new system to light when asked what would help our student life experience and Chapel Program. As he explained, “A great deal of learning occurs during chapel, with presentations that students have put a lot of effort into, so it’s important that we can give them the attention and viewability they deserve.” Past parent and Association Board Member Mr. Richard Bradley could not agree more, and was instrumental in getting the project off the ground with his leadership gift. He joined us in chapel on Monday and urged all of our students to take advantage of this new state-of-the-art tool and enjoy it.
Our grounds crew spent many hours installing the screen and they too were in attendance for its initial use. So it was only fitting that alumnus and current project manager for the Mitchell Family House construction, Frédérik Duquette, BCS’11, was the first to present with it, speaking about his experience as a student and how it continues to affect his every day work and life.
While he did lead the charge, Mr. Bradley was not alone in his generosity on this project. The welcome improvement was made possible with gifts from every facet of BCS life including alumni, parents, past parents, current students, board members, faculty, and staff. However, costs for such improvements are high, and we are still fundraising for the projector. Please consider making a donation here.
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