2018-19 Winter Crease Athletic Awards

BCS Athletics News
With the recent end of winter crease, the teams gathered at the Athletics Banquet and the Athletics Awards Assembly in chapel.
Please see the list of award recipients and colour winners below:

Colours are considered and awarded according to the following criteria:
a)    A player’s contribution/ability during practice and games
b)   Attitude both on and off the field
c)    Sportsmanship and willingness to help others
d)   Positive influence on others with regards to their team, sports and school
e)   Practises the above whether winning or losing
Alpine Skiing/Snowboarding
Coaches: Kirby Nadeau, Christian Daigle & Krysten Lamb
The Whittal Cup Jr. (Best all-around Junior skier)
Antonia O.
The Whittal Cup Sr. (Best all-around Senior skier)
Luke F.
The Coaches’ Award Snowboarding
Sebastian P. V.
The Most Improved Snowboarder
Andres V. C.
Winter Adventure Training
Coaches: Barbara Rowell & Marita Vanier-Hartley
Rookie of the Year
Evan J.
The Coaches’ Award
To honour his/her commitment to the crease, his/her sportsmanlike conduct, and his/her patience and ability to share his/her experience with others.
Rongqi (Richie) L.
Coaches: Adam Rowell & Josh Bray
Captains: Ana Claudia O., Ivan S., Tomas D. V.
The MIP Award
Lisa E.
The Commissioner’s Award (MVP)
Aidan H. D.
Coaches: Francois de Sainte Marie, Beorn White & Sebastien Obermeir
Colours: Finley A. & Aird N.
The MIP Award
Benjamin R.
Rui (Mary) Z.
The Malcolm Seafield Grant Trophy (Senior MVP)
Finley A.
Coaches: Guillaume Courchesne & Draco Szathmary
Skip: Sebastian C.
Colours: Sebastian C., Zhuoqing (John) L., Ivannia G. Y. & Ruowen (Willa) S.
Rookie of the Year
Alperen C.
The Coaches’ Award (MVP)
Sebastian C.
Coaches: Valerie Turcotte, Chelsea Labree & Matt Inglis
Team Awards: ETIAC 2nd Place Overall
Colours: Mehdi B., Grace G., Jinhyuk (Ryan) K., Erfan (Alex) L., Aliyah O., Antoine P. & Siyuan (Edmund) W.
The Perrier Cup (MIP)
Melissa J.
Junior Girls’ MVP Award
Sara Sofia P. G.
Junior Boys’ MVP Award
Jinhyuk (Ryan) K.
The Jennifer Harding-Marlin Trophy (Senior Girls’ MVP)
Aliyah O.
The Samuel Wang Trophy (Senior Boys’ MVP)
Mehdi B. & Erfan (Alex) L.
Coaches: Janice Carey & Bob Carey
Exceptional Service Award
Xinyi (Jocelyne) L.
Senior Hockey
Coach: Jeff Bray
Captain: Nicolas S.
Colours: Alex A. & Nicolas S.
The MIP Award
Olivier G.
The MVP Award
Nicolas S.
Prep Hockey
Coaches: Marco Pietroniro, Jonathan Lachance & Francis Alarie
Captains: Matys B. & Aidan F.
Team Awards:
Colours: Felix A., Matys B., Aidan F., Simon G. & Sixten J.
The Coaches’ Award
For constant positive dedication and effort to his teammates and the hockey program
Frédérick L.
The MIP Award
William N. & Tristan L.
The J. Graham Patriquin Award (MVP)
Matys B.
Varsity Hockey
Coaches: Marco Pietroniro, Jonathan Lachance & Francis Alarie
Captains: Kris P., Olivier F. & Josh D.
Colours: Emile B., Niklas B., Jesse J., Sebastian L., Altti N., Massimo P., Kris P. & Ondrej S.
The MIP Award
Niklas B.
The Gerald Wiggett Award (MVP)
Jacob B.
The Coaches’ Award
Awarded for constant positive dedicated effort to his teammates and the hockey program
Altti N.
Coaches: Tyler Gordon, Jay Wilt, Mirada McGie, Rocio Esquivel
Colours: Bénédicte F., Lauralie J., Fausta T., Cala T., Thuy Anh D. & Kelly F.
The MIP Award
Cala T.
The MVP Award
Bénédicte F. & Lauralie J.
Junior Girls’ Basketball
Coach: Sue Magwood
Colours: Priscilla A., Emma H., Alyzée P. & Chi T.
The MIP Award
Chi T.
The MVP Award
Priscilla Al. & Priscilla Ak.
Senior Girls’ Basketball
Coach: Tanna Sanchez-McMillan
Captain: Tyrin Culmer
Colours: Tyrin C., Shelby G.-C., Emma R. & Yiyuan (Lucy) Y.
The MIP Award
Elizabeth C.
The Keyzer Shield (MVP)
Shelby G.-C.
Junior Boys’ Basketball
Coaches: Scott Manning & Joe Wong
Captain: Caspar S.
Colours (Bantam): William B.-Y., Christophe P. & Thinh (Ben) P.
Colours (Junior): Shenzhi (Ethan) C., John C. & Oscar L.
The Coaches’ Award
For coachability, enthusiasm, and dedication to the team both on and off the court
Caspar S.
The MIP Award
William B.-Y.
The MVP Award
Shenzhi (Ethan) C.
Senior Boys Basketball
Coaches: Tyler Murphy & Lucas Comeau
Captain: Dazheng (Peter) H.
Colours: Alfonso A. V., Dazheng (Peter) H. & Huy Quang (Tom) N.
The MIP Award
Elie Cyriaque F.
The Coaches’ Award
Yann David F.
Congratulations to our athletes and our coaches on a fantastic winter season!
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